Welcome to Rag Hearts........

Hi all I have started on a new hobby of rag rugging and cushion making that I would like to share with you.

Firstly I was creating them for my own home as they make any room look homely and warm, and soon my friends and family were interested and I have been creating for them. And that has now lead to me setting up my own shops on folksy and ebay please check it out.

All of my materials are recycled so the colours in my designs may vary. I can make to your own colour and shape requirements.

I hope you like my designs and want a piece of my art in your home.

I am also a big art fan in general. I loved art at G.C.S.E level back in high school, it was then that I discovered that I was good at it. Then I took 2 art A-levels 3-d art and fine art, and a separate year long course that covered everything.

I really enjoyed the 3-d art especially the jewellery making that we got to try. I found the fine art quite restricting as we had to just copy like for like and I don't like concentrating on detail and accuracy. I love colour, shape and expression,big bright and bold are my favourite ways to work.

I enjoy looking at the shapes in plants and flowers and the forms and curves they make. I also take a big interest in their colour, colourful flowers really cheer me up.

I hope you enjoy my drawings and painting as much as I do xxx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Car boot

I am so glad the rain held off this morning for the car boots....we did 3 local ones and I managed to get loads of t-shirt to make my rugs out of and only spent £6.....some of them were 20p!!!  29 t-shirts for £6 amazing...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

yay car boot's tomo

I'm excited as its sunday tomo, i love car booting, gotta re-stock my t-shirt material pile as its very low. My hubby also enjoys it and the kids, we give Natalya £2 and she comes away with all sorts she's turning into a real little bargin hunter....last week she got a pair of trainer (brand new with the tags on) and 5 dolls! I need some army camo colours to finish the rug I'm working on at the moment, and some nice bright colours that catch my eye to keep the material cupboard looking full...